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Though doctors spout it and researchers write it all the time Al Kaline Jersey , patients have a hard time figuring out what BMI means. Even spelling it out doesn't mean much to the average person: Body Mass Index. Most know it has something to do with their weight. But can't a scale just tell us that answer?

For the average person, keeping track of hisher weight is far more important than trying to calculate a vague- sounding BMI. But this is popping up across the world, and being linked to disease risk more and more. And, just for the sake of its popularity, in spite of its limitations Alan Trammell Jersey , it's important to know one's BMI.

So let's get down to what this thing is all about, once and for all. BMI is a calculation of your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in meters squared). Since the U.S. still uses the imperial system, it's easiest to figure out your BMI on a slew of online sources. Just type "BMI" in Google and see what happens. Find a BMI calculator such as the one on the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's

web site that allows you to enter your weight and height in pounds and feet, which you are most certainly used to. It will automatically switch the values to metric.

While BMI shouldn't be considered the absolute word on your risk of disease due to your weight, it is one of three important cogs: the other two are your waist size and the percentage of body fat you are carrying. Two decades ago Detroit Tigers Jersey , officials started using the BMI system to track individuals who were at risk of major problems ranging from high blood pressure and diabetes to stroke and cancer.

In 1998, the National Institutes of Health issued obesity guidelines based on BMI scores: "normal" was between 18.5 and 24.9, while "overweight" was 25 to 29.9 and "obese" was 30 and higher. This had many experts puzzled because body fat and muscle mass are not distinguished. (For example, a bodybuilder could be over 30 and be technically obese.)

In truth, there are several other oddities about the BMI Nolan Arenado Jersey , including low numbers being deceptive and the fact that a high number doesn't automatically mean you are facing a slew of risk factors. (Because, for instance, exercise is an important variable.) BMI isn't the best way to assess body fat and its relative risk to your health, but it remains a surprisingly accepted way to gauge one's health. Why? Because it's extremely cheap and simple to calculate.

Just don't think that it's the be- all and end-all to calculating your weight in relation to your health.

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Choose the right mp3 phones Computers Articles | December 15, 2010
Whether you're looking for specific need guidance on MP3 cell phones Charlie Blackmon Jersey , essential Buying Guides can help. You'll find support information for MP3 phones. Guaranteed!!

Cell phones anymore aren't just cell phones; although socially accepted talkative as the tool of teenagers, the cell phone is important for those of any age, to handle every day, but the ability to listen to music is a close second, some offer little more than a music player. Others boast the internet Carlos Gonzalez Jersey , email, PC syncing, camera that can take pictures or capture videos, a built-in radio and some even have a built in TV.

Remember why you want a music phone for the music but A Few extras never hurt either, but there are other Things to consider purchasing headphones for your MP3 player.

1. Have a good sound quality
To test the noise quality Colorado Rockies Jersey , you'll want to look into buying a better quality headphone set. Sound speakers sent from the transducer directly into your ear is what makes the music sound to different people. Impedance is important if you are concerned with the volume. Since most portable devices are limited availability of resources. By using a microphone to pick up external sounds and inverting the phase to cancel the sound you do not want, it lets you enjoy the music you want.

2. Endurance
It all depends on what you do when using your headphones, so consider your activities. You'll want to choose headphones that will stay in place while you're moving, clip-on earphones and ear bud headphones are designed with just that in mind if you're going to use your headphones while at the gym or work.

3. Features
One such feature is the ability of many cell phones MP3 music downloads provided by many sites, be sure to check out how to upload and download music on your phone if you want to use these advanced facilities (optional Melky Cabrera Jersey , if any).

4. Comfort
From bud headphones, the headphones, it fits right inside your ear. They Produce a good sound, but can be very uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Another type of headphone is the "canal bud" headphones. They want to cover your entire ear and have a soft pad around the speaker making it extremely easy on your Ears. Wireless headphones which made it Easier to move around while you're listening, you Decide to purchase Corey Kluber Jersey , make sure that they want to be comfortable for you.

5. Compatible: Supported Music Formats
make sure you pick the cell phone MP3 that supports the most prevalent music comes in various file formats. AAC and MP3 are extremely common. Others include WAV, AIFF, AMR and more.

6. Prices
there is a wide price spectrum and it from all Depend on what other features you will from want. Basic ear bud and overhead headphones can range from $ 15 - $ 85. If you are willing to Spend a little more can you go to a step up and get headphones that comes wit. Cheap Air Max Cheap Nike Air Max

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