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Just 15 Minutes To Double Your Profits! Marketing Articles | December 5, 2001
In just fifteen short minutes you can increase ... by over 100%!If you think that is a ... claim, just ... for the next few moments. I am going to letyou in on a little secret tha

In just fifteen short minutes you can increase your
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If you think that is a fantastic claim Cheap NFL Jerseys China , just pay
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Many web site owners, some unintentionally, don't
disclose any more information about themselves than
their email address. This leaves visitors to their web
site feeling wary of buying from them. People like to
know who they're dealing with. They like the feeling
that if they have a problem they can actually pick up
the phone and speak to a real live person 247. Already
I hear the protests.

"Hey Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , I've got to get some sleep!"

"I'm not earning enough yet to get an answering

There is a solution. Remember that the central idea is
not to be available around the clock--but to give your
clients the feeling that you are a real live person who
is available when needed. They will want to know that
you can be trusted. Here's how you can accomplish this

Sit down and create a short, professional looking bio
page explaining who you are. You don't have to go into
great detail. Write enough to make your visitors feel
like they know you a little better, but not so much
that they get bored out of their minds and leave.
Here's a quick list of things you should remember to
include in your bio page...

1. A picture of yourself in your working environment
(ie. if you're a gardener Cheap New NFL Jerseys , put a picture of yourself
working in a garden).

2. List your credentials and past successes.

3. Don't be afraid to write a little bit about your
personal life. People will feel like they know you as a
person, and not just another guy trying to sell them

4. A bio page is another great place to add a few

5. Tell them how to contact you. And don't just give
them an email address. List your mailing address
(preferably not a P.O. BOX) and your phone number as

(If you don't feel like giving people your home phone
number, you can sign up to get a toll free number at
http:ureach You'll get your own voice mail box
and call forwarding service plus some other really
great features. Be

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