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It is possible for the individual to remove their wart by their dermatologist - but this can be an expensive operation. There are quite a few natural wart removal cures that will have the same outcome.

Find a dandelion and pinch out the milky white liquid that may be found in the stem of the flower. Put it on the wart at least once or twice a day over the bridge of a few days.

Cut and smash a garlic clove and put it on the wart's surface. Cover it with a patch and leave it on the skin for an entire week.

Take a vitamin C tablet and mash it into powder. Apply it onto the wart and ensure that it is covered with the correct patch. You will have to continue this for several days or until the wart is withdrawn.

Pour aloe vera juice or apple cider vinegar onto the surface of the wart. You will have to execute this three to four times a day or until the wart is taken away.

Place a small drop of grapefruit, pineapple Paul George Jersey , or papaya extract on the surface of the wart. You will want to perform this three to four times every day and place a bandage over it. Or you can put a banana peel onto it. You will have to tape the peel onto it. Make sure that you interchange the peel out two or three times during the day.

It is feasible to withdraw the wart employing the duct tape wart removal treatment. All you need to do is cover the wart with a patch of duct tape and leave it on for an entire week. When you take it off soak the wart until it is soft and employing an emery board file it down till it falls off.

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