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Electronic Cigarettes for Quitting Smoking and Liquids Used in It Health Articles | January 8 Chiefs Chris Conley Jersey , 2012
Electronic cigarettes for quitting smoking is one of the favorite methods in the western countries. However there are some problems with the liquids that are used for all types of electronic cigarettes that every user should know. Empty cartridges and e- liquid seems a better solution.

Electronic cigarettes for smoking use cartridges filled with nicotine containing liquids with cigarette flavors. However, there are some inherent problems related to the pre-filled cartridges and many people are therefore now turning towards the empty cartridges as well as e-liquids instead.

Problem with Cartridges

There are some inherent problems with pre-filled cartridges that are used in electronic cigarettes. Some of these problems are as follows.

- It is not known exactly how many cigarettes the cartridge can fill out. While some providers claim it to be 20 in reality they fill out fewer cigarettes.

- Nicotine cartridges can leak and in the process some of the liquids may be lost making the cartridge uneconomic.

- Cartridge provides for all types of electronic cigarettes do not take care of damages in it after it is shipped.

Loss Factor

Thus by the time the end user receives the pre-filled cartridge, he or she may find that the contents are no more adequate for many cigarettes. In fact in most of the cases the remnants are adequate for cigarettes in the range of 4-10 only. In addition; if the nicotine strength is less, then the contents would fill out even fewer cigarettes. Again when the nicotine strength is lower, the user will pull the cigarette harder and with more frequency which means the number of cigarettes would be further reduced.

Problem of Thirds

Pre-filled cartridges also have some other problems.

- One of the problems is that of the thirds. When such cartridges are used for the electronic cigarettes for quitting smoking, only first two thirds of it is usable.

- Last one third of the cartridge is not accessible to atomizer and anything in this part will remain unused forever.

Drying Out Problems

But the problems with pre-filled cartridges do not end here and there are other problems in it. One of the major problems with the pre-filled cartridges for any types of electronic cigarettes is that they easily dry out. Such eventualities occur due to contact with air.

Though pre-filled cartridges are not bad and many of them are qualitative, these are some of the inherent problems with them.


A convenient alternative is the e-liquid that is used these days by most of the electronic cigarette smokers. Filling out the empty cartridges with e-liquids that drip is an economic alternative for the pre-filled cartridges.聽

Using e-liquids in all types of electronic cigarettes is easy and convenient. Once a cartridge is exhausted, it should not be thrown away but preserved as empty cartridge to be refilled with e-liquid. To distinguish the empty cartridge from the filled one, the user may throw out the protective plastic guard on it.

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