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The name of the empire was dedicated to Osman I leader of Ghazi Emirates. Osman I was later on termed at Ottoman. The boundary of Ottoman province was increased till the Byzantine Empire by Osman I. The king expanded the province towards North Africa and Europe. The history describes about the crisis for effective bureaucratic and military measures of the province. This mainly was due to the result of misrule by numerous weak Sultans The Empire was a great power for long. The battle of Vienna stopped further expansion of the empire towards Europe. The increase in corruption after the death of Suleiman led to the downtrend of the empire. The Sultans had a tough time controlling the vast empire.

The army lost the capability for expanding the territory and this severely affected the economy The Ottoman Empire history also puts light on the dependence of the people there on agriculture Women were usually repressed and disguised One of the important attributes which contributed to the triumph in social structure of the Empire was unity among all the types of different populations One of the prominent religious groups which were allowed for establishing communities was the Millets The architecture here was one which still receives applaud The Ottoman architecture was a blend of Christian and Islamic influences. Constantinople was the capital of Ottoman Empire Constantinople was the capital of Ottoman till New Turkey was formed. In Ottoman Empire the history and geography was equally distributed.

The geography of the province was affected by the victories of war. Initially Bursa city was the center from which they operated Later they expanded into Europe Then the expansion started northwards from Greece to Balkans By 1371 they managed to extend over Bulgaria Authentic Connor Hellebuyck Jersey , Serbia and Macedonia Hence the Ottoman province geography was extended. After defeating Cairo’s Khalifa the empire was extended to Syria, Greece and Egypt. The Sultan of Ottoman province took over the state of Palestine, Mecca and Madina.

Suleiman was considered the most powerful king and he conquered Rhodes Authentic Dustin Byfuglien Jersey , Habsburg Empire, Belgrade, Hungary and Vienna. Even after his death Ottoman Empire Geography bloomed with the inclusion of Crete to it Decline was the unavoidable tragedy which marked its beginning from seventeenth century as many individual territories started revolution and they began to combat for independence The unrest among the people led to the downfall of the empire in the early 20th century.

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