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Swimming pools provide opportunities to many sports. Swimming events in Olympics hold a special place that are seen by everyone in the world and are one of the most popular sports. The swimmers spend months and months of preparations, and hardwork to win a medal for their country. Besides these Olympic events that are held at much bigger level, different kinds of water sports are played and watched in various parts of the world. There are a lot of innocent games that teenagers and children play in their homes as well.
Diving is one the most popular games in the world and has made its importance in Olympics too. For diving the pool should be at least eight and a half feet deep. The pool must be equipped with the diving board or a platform for this purpose. The diving events include the contests of largest dive, various diving styles Cheap NFL Jerseys , and diving and bringing something out of the water. The diver runs from a considerable distance on the diving board lifts his body at the end of the bard and then dives into the water taking turns or curving the body. One thing that must be kept in mind is that that diving is diving may lead to accidents in the water because the diver falls from the height with power he may get himself injured if he hits the ground with considerable force. There is also a danger of getting yourself drowned if you lose control on your nerves. Thus before you appear for any such sport make sure you have adequate training and experience. It is also good to learn some life saving measures before deciding to be a water sportsman.
Water Polo is a sport that is played in the shallow waters. There are two teams in this game and two targets set at each end. Players have to throw their ball in the target to score a goal. They swim here and there in the water chasing the ball. The one who owns the ball remains still in the water until he throws his ball to another player or throws it to the target. All other remain mobile in the water and try to take away his belonging. Both the goalkeepers try to keep the goal. If a goal is scored the ball is given to the referee who tosses the ball in the middle of the pool and both the teams begin their chase again. If the ball goes to the pool side it is returned to the nearest goalkeeper as the goal throw. The team that scores maximum goals is considered the winner.
Other competitions and races are also held in the swimming pools. These competitions include obstacle races where you have to move through the hoops or retrieve objects from under the water, covering distance under water, maximum time under water and under water swimming. Many games such as water volley ball and basket ball are also played and much liked at the domestic level.

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